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Micahrzehnder 5 months ago

Samurai Jack

Simply put, this may be the most balanced, delicate, and utterly spectacular old fashioned on the planet, absolutely worth the price tag. The hand-carved ice, and housemade bitters are remarkably well made and push this seemingly simple creation beyond the flavors of most of the elaborate creations at World Top 50 Bars. Simply insane.

Jcrebbs 5 months ago

Roasted Quail

Drink: Stockholm Syndrome - A dealer's choice cocktail. The bartender came to our table and asked me about cocktails I like and created something unique for me. I loved it! I feel that he really listened to my preferences. Appetizer: a vegetable casserole - a medley of veggies cooked perfectly Main meal: The Bronze Quail - I chose to order this as it has the restaurant's namesake. So well cooked and flavored. I would definitely order again. Overall: nice vibes and atmosphere - I appreciated the chef coming out to speak with us. He told us about the daily specials they have. I'll have to come back to check it out!

Sidney 6 months ago

Roasted Quail

I posted this on Yelp earlier today. It has already had an impact as my friend Randi B made a reservation for her husband's birthday :-) Journeyman has been reborn as The Bronze Quail. I visited last night with a friend who had been a fan of the previous restaurant, a well regarded bistro I had missed dining at before the change in ownership. Chef Zach Geerson had become well known for his chef's tasting menu, and he is still in the dining room helping with the transition. New Executive Chef is Mark Piepkorn who was greeting several of the other tables. We ordered the tasting menu and Zach helped with the service. An a la carte menu has been added which will most certainly help with the hotel guests, and those who visit for local shows, get a meal without having to order multiple courses. Tasting menu is $100, $145 with wine pairing. We started with a bottle of Schramburg Brut Sparkling wine from the list, an excellent choice with the amuse bouchée and the first couple of choices. We also opened a 2014 McIntyre Block M Pinot and eventually a 2013 Quilceda Creek Cabernet. Corkage is exceptionally reasonable at $15. Amuse - 2 year old kimche on house cracker and it was fabulous, lovely acidity with a kick matches with sparkling wine perfectly. Green Goddess Salad - Chicories, Yam, Tarragon, and a Goat Milk Panna Cotta blend together perfectly with the yam a definite standout. Winter Vegetable Casserole - Assorted Winter Vegetables, Black Garlic Panisse, Piquillo Pepper Rouille that also came together with a lovely complexity with a kick. Started Pinot here and it was another perfect match. Burnt Onion Malfadine -- Butter Poached King Crab, Burnt Onion Pasta, Smoked Butter-Juniper Beurre Blanc, Allium, Thyme cane together with an earthy goodness that wanted me to lick the plate. Diners have their choice of entrees, so we ordered one of each. The Bronze Quail - Roasted Garlic Stuffed & Pan Roasted Quail, Carrots Prepared Several Ways, Barley Porridge Croquette was the far better of the two. The Quail was lovely, cooked perfectly, I'd order this next time Vintage Beef Ribeye - Potato Trifle, Fennel, Bordelaise Vintage Beef Ribeye, Beef Fat Confit Yukon Potatoes, Crispy Potato, Confit Potato Puree, Compressed Fennel, Bordelaise Sauce Glaze This was the only "meh" of the meal. Absolutely loved the potato side but nothing special about the flavor of the ribeye or the sauce. They. We'd to work on this a bit to really bring out the flavor of the beef. Two desserts, both very good. Preferred the first one. Hopefully they add something with a bit more chocolate next time ;-) Grapefruit, White Chocolate, and Absinthe - Marinated Grapefruit and Sorbet, White Chocolate-Grapefruit Bavarian Cream Swiss Roll, Choux, Grapefruit Yogurt Soup, Tarragon-White Chocolate Sable Cookie "Cinnamon Roll" Caramel Soaked Baba Cake, White Miso Namalaka, Hazelnut Praline, Sea Salt Ice Cream The dining area looks too much like a hotel, very bright and no ambiance. Bar area is more hip and was full the whole time we were there. Hopefully they can add more ambiance and softer lighting to the restaurant. Highly recommended! I'd dine here again!

Engstroms 7 months ago

- or -

Great choice for our Birthday dinner! Excellent service - attentive but not intrusive. We decided on the 4 course menu so we could try the widest variety of dishes. Everything was excellent but the real standouts were the Gnocchi with Aligator Ragu (too bad licking the bowl would be frowned upon in public) , the lamb, the chocoate dessert and of course the citrus dessert. Wow - harder than I thought to single out just a few items! Tables are far apart to almost allow for a semi-private dining experience. First visit but certainly not our last!

Toryvizenor 9 months ago

Dark Chocolate, Roasted Banana, Ginger

This is probably my favorite dessert I've ever had as part of a Chef's Tasting menu. It was absolutely perfect, and was paired with a delicious port wine. The addition of black garlic was completely unexpected, but it worked to make a balanced, delicious dish. The banana bread crumble and caramelized bananas were wonderful additions. It was a great way to end the night!

Aleartigas 10 months ago

- or -

Five stars are not enough. We took our two teenagers to eat with us for an special "we love our little family " celebration and they loved every second of it. This was an amazing culinary experience. Every dish was extraordinary, being native from Spain, I have to say that the Octopus was the best I had and the alligator croquettes were just an extraordinary approach to a simple Spanish dish. We were in awe throughout the evening and our three hour dining experience passed too fast for our taste! The cocktails were out of this world and Wesley, our amazing Metre and his knowledge of the food, drinks and amazing golden service made our evening experience even more extraordinary. We will definitely come back and recommend it to all our friends. Congrats to the Chef. Es EXTRAORDINARIO!

James 11 months ago

Herb Crusted Cascade Creek Lamb, Turnips, Burnt Onion Jus

For me, the highlight of the Chef's Tasting menu was the lamb. Tender. Flavored to perfection. Cooked perfectly! Beautifully planted and paired brilliantly with the wine.

Ddddani 12 months ago

Heirloom Tomato & Herbs

Last night my husband, mom and I had a wonderful dinner (again) at Journeyman's. I had wanted to try something different from our earlier visit and had the Heirloom Tomato & Herbs. I don't understand how this amazing dish came together (magic and some aspic?) but I am home now thinking about how soon I can go back to taste this dish again. Remembrances of breaking through the beautifully decorated, crisp wafer top, tasting the crispy wafer bits with the smooth, rich aspic underneath, the undertones of herbs and richness, I would recommend this dish (and essentially everything that Chef Zak makes) to any lover of fine food.

Mlynn 5 months ago

Agave State of Mind

7 I would like to state that if England out there is looking for a new venue to try food at a whole new level this would be the place I'd saw their ad somewhere can't remember but my wife and I had wanted to go and so ultimately we ended up their one night in the bar having craft me cocktails and really good beer and decided to have an appetize This decision let us back to said bar on numerous occasion's until we finally sat down and actually had the prefix meal which was absolutely phenomenal

Preciousoohelen 5 months ago

Fried Chicken Oyster

Fresh, salty, sweet, melon, buttery, copper, briny, and metallic. Love it!

Gidama 7 months ago

- or -

In the Fullerton Hotel, Journeyman's Food + Drink is a hidden jewel and is probably the most très haut restaurant in terms of au courant cuisine in the northern half of Orange County. Tastefully decored mostly by Scandinavian minimalism, it is understated and subdued. It becomes a neutral palette to showcase the modern cuisine influenced by currents from world cuisines, French & Japanese in particular. There is semi enclosed outdoor patio dining that overlooks a vast parking lot. Perhaps using tall greenery would help screen out the asphalt and create a verdant respite. The reception room also serves as a comfortable lounge for parties waiting for other arrivals. What sets this restaurant apart from many is their informed service commenting on ingredients, cooking preparation, wine details on each incoming course which is a nice touch for those passionate about culinary minutiae. Even more, their personal service goes above & beyond the call of duty. My cell phone battery had become unexpectedly low, and my auxilary battery would not charge the phone. Khystlin was most gracious & helpful letting me use her phone to take photos. I deeply appreciate being able to photo document this 9 course menu de degustation. 0) Puffy, yet taut & dense, lightly salty Focaccia, toasty brown in places w/ pieces of cured green olives. Brown wheat bread infused w/ tomato, crusty outside, moist soft inside. Whipped sweet butter w/ puréed basil, mint, parsley Antipodes Sparkling Artesian Water is clean, sweet, pure, sharp effervescence from the Bay of Plenty, east coast of the North Island in New Zealand. 1) Amuse Gueule: Smoky, well cured, meaty duck heart, caraway seed Sauer Kraut, chive on bagel lavash. Seemingly like a riff on Peruvian Anticucho. 2) Butternut Squash Curd, soft & velvety, sprinkled w/ house chile blend, piquant Japanese Tōgarashi. Micro cubed barely ripe, crunchy bartlett pear. Garnish of aromatic smoky oregano leaf, soapy micro cilantro, colourful hibiscus flower. Poured broth of Japanese smoked Katsuo/bonito & Kombu/kelp Dashi, puréed butternut squash. 2a) Sakura no Emaki Sakè (sah keh), Junmai class, Akita, Japan: Made with an ancient heirloom purple rice varietal, light, pinkish, woody, pickled plum scent. Delicate plum, nutty, smooth agrodolce, Jerez like oxidation.   3) Fresh, sweet, low acidic, poached plum, blood red beet, dill crème fraîche, red plum sauce, salty, sheep Ricotta Salata, fresh dill leaf, tuile. 3a) Vouvray de Benoit Gautier, Chenin Blanc,  Loire, France 2017: Musky, apple, pear, pineapple, sweet sour, dry, acidic. 4) Scallop Ceviche in unctuous Espelette oil, chopped thyme. Dehydrated scallop chips redolent & reminiscent of funky XO sauce. Countered by still crunchy cauliflower florets poached in butter, and smear of smooth cauliflower purée. 4a) Pinot Grigio, St. Michael-Eppan DOC, Süd Tirol/Alto Adige 2017:  Scent of green apple & lemon. Sharp acidic, sour citrus rind, clean dry-sweet. 5) Pappardelle torn flat pasta, soft, al dente, stretchy. Smoked juniper Beurre Blanc, burnt onion, Maitakè/hen of the woods mushroom, king crab claw, sprinkle of espelette pepper, micro thyme sprouts. 5a) Chardonnay, Neyers, Carneros, California: Unfiltered, light malolactic fermentation but not buttery smooth, sour apple cider, oaky, clove scented, toasted butterscotch, acidic sprightliness. 6) Tasmanian Vintage Beef Rib Eye: Best beef besides Japanese Wagyū. Cow is allowed to live out its entire life before slaughter. Soft, beefy favour w/ a nice chaw, celery leaf medicinal garnish, Sauce Bordelaise that seems almost au jus & red wine w/ maybe touch of coffee. Beef Tallow infused Potato Mousseline, potato chip. 6a) Cabernet Sauvignon, Synthesis, Napa, California: Oaky, blueberry, blackberry, turpentine scent, tannic, touch acidic. Intermezzo: 7) Yuzu/Japanese citrus Crème Fraîche, micro diced Kiwi, pickled, piquant Wasabi stem, green seaweed oceanic bouquet. 7a) Riesling, Carl Graff, Kabinett, Mosel, Germany: Diesel, banana spiced bread, grapefruit zest. Tart, sweet, dry. 8) Gelée d'Orange, Confiture d'Orange, orange blossom scented stiffened Crème Chantilly covering on a chestnut shortbread, garnished w/ micro thyme, orange zest. 8a) Haut Sauterne, Fleur d'Or, Graves, Bordeaux, France: Hay, raisin, waxy, baked apple, pear. Touch bitter, acidic to counter the smooth sweetness. 9) Rosemary, apple, oat crunch, caramel, rosemary panna cotta. 9a) Moscato Bianco, Moscato d'Asti, Michele Chiarlo, Asti, Piedmonte, Italia: Frizzante/fizzy. Scents of fig, apricot, green hay. Musky, lychee, grapefruit, smooth sweet w/ cleansing acidity. 10) Banana Panna Cotta, banana bread soil crumbles, Brûléed banana, golden, puffed chocolate rice, dark chocolate chip, & fresh ginger ice cream. 10a) Port, Bin 27, Fonseca, Portugal: Rested four years in large wood vats. Dense oxidized red grape flavours, oaky, sweet countered by acidity, brandied black cherry. Mignardise: a. House mint made of méringue. b. Tonka Bean caramel c. Coco Sablé, Tonka Bean, licorice. Zach, Chef de Cuisine, has created an epic Menu de Gustation avec Association de Vins et Mets. Chef Mark also came out to see that all was well. Service by Wesley, Jessie, Khystlin all made for a pleasant, informative, culinarily enlightening evening. Kudos for creating an oasis of fine dining on par w/ many une étoile Guide MIchelin restaurants.

Kassandralynch 8 months ago

Heirloom Tomato & Herbs

This was one of the most flavorful and interesting dishes I've ever had. Every dish and drink is thoughtfully crafted and incredible!

Nickvizenor 9 months ago

Dark Chocolate, Roasted Banana, Ginger

This was the perfect dish to end the night with! Every course presented something unexpected, and this was no exception. The black garlic and chocolate gelato was a really delicious bite. It went perfectly with the caramelized bananas and the panne cotta. So many fine dining places tend to phone in dessert, but this just as artfully crated as the mains!

Cparkerj 11 months ago

- or -

Chef Zach is an innovative, adventurous chef. The food is beautiful and absolutely delicious. One can eat lots of meat, or you can even order vegan or pescatarian!! This restaurant, service, ambience and food should be given a Michelin rating. I hope it happens soon!!!

Matt 11 months ago

Heirloom Tomato & Herbs

This is such a unique and flavorful take on a dish such as this! We have eaten at Gordon Ramsey's Petrus in London, Vue de Monde in Melbourne, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée in Paris, Alinea in Chicago (among others) and I can honestly say that this chef and this restaurant is headed in the direction of those greats! I can not wait to go back and dine here again and you should do everything you can to get there now! Soon there will be a 2 month waiting period just to reserve a table so don't say that I didn't warn you!

Mrhyunsukkim 12 months ago

- or -

On par with the high end downtown Los Angeles restaurants without the condescension or the parking hassles. It's amazing how this place keeps getting better and better (cuisine, service, and the dining experience).


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